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HDPE is a thermoplastic with excellent characteristics for water, sewer and storm water application, also as tanks to store different types of chemicals and solid materials. A very important reason for this, is the high tolerance to a vast range of chemical products and that they can transport fluids with very diverse characteristics.

Characteristics of HDPE materials


HDPE possess a great advantage, which allows the material to be welded together. This way, it is able to achieve completely homogenous and watertight piping systems, that do not allow leaks on the entire pipeline length.

High chemical resistance

In buried pipe, corrosion by sulfuric acid plays a dominant role in the lifespan of the pipeline (even for some plastic pipe). But, HDPE used in Krah pipes, guarantees its safety and optimal resistance to these chemical attacks.


HDPE, can be recycled up to 100%. Given that it is a thermoplastic, which possess the property to be extruded again without losing much of chemical structure. That’s why, al HDPE waste can be used again, using a small percentage, in the manufacturing of new pipes.

Resistance to microorganisms, rodents and termites

The curved and smooth surfaces in plastic pipes, prevent rodents from biting down the pipe o causing any significant damage. Even in countries where there are termite problems, Krah pipe have not been affected by them. HDPE is not a nutrient medium for bacteria, fungus or spore, this make HDPE resistant to any sort of microbial attack, as well as sulfuric acid or sulfates.

Impact resistance

HDPE high resistance to impact, ensures a robust pipe and can endure almost any impact given to it.

High Hydraulic capabilities

Krah pipes are calibrated from the inside, so our nominal diameters are the inside diameter of the pipe, regardless of the height of the profile wall. Given its smooth and antiadhesive inner wall or waterway, Krah Pipes have a manning coefficient of 0.009.

UV resistance

Black polyethylene is permanently resistant to atmospheric corrosion and UV radiation. Therefore, the tubes can be stowed or used outdoors without being damaged.

Abrasion resistance

HDPE pipes are within the best performing pipe when there are highly abrasive fluids. This has been proved using a Darmstadt procedure, the results are shown on the next image. Giving us the confidence to ensure the highest quality standard our technology can produce.

Resin Properties

The resins used by Krah Mexico, must present as a minimum, the values shown on the next image. Other materials can be considered with previous testing by our factory and by another quality control center.


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